30 July 2009

Idiots Dancing

You need to drink lots of beer to do this traditional English dance. Another one from Paul Hampson

26 July 2009

Incoherent damson

Vector illustration.
First in a series of idiot damson pieces. be prepared, I'm jammin'

22 July 2009

Impractical Device #16

In a futile attempt, to eradicate the gratuitous use of sarcasm in the public sector, the government routinely subjected its employees to hours of interrogation, whilst attached to the irony detector.

Indolent Dog

10 July 2009

Insemination Disaster

Spermzilla escapes from the North East England Stem Cell Institute.
Acrylic on paper 31cm x 41cm. Click to enlarge.

07 July 2009

Insane Dictator

Was he insane, or just a complete and utter ****!!!?

Initial Design

A scamp for the cover of the "launch" issue of my new magazine Hope. Only 2 old pence at reputable booksellers everywhere.

Inappropriate Drawing

Sometimes it's nice to get away from cartooning for a short while, just to draw something a little different. Even when I try this, I'm unable to put the soft pencils down. This drawing, in watercolour and pastel, is the house where I grew up in Yorkshire. It's a day in summer and there's a jet high in the sky flying north to America. The cat on the lawn is Barney. Thanks for looking. Paul Hampson

Incompetent Dentist

Ooops, wrong tooth...