30 June 2009

Irresponsible Driver

It's very irresponsible not to wear a helmet.

Impossible Dream

Sadly, I know exactly how she feels.

Ink Drink

Black Indian ink is an acquired taste. It's advisable to start with the more gentle flavours, such as vermillion and chartreuse. For real ink drinking novices, orange or lemon yellow might be a good place to start. Some of the browns should be avoided at all costs.

23 June 2009

Insane Dogs

Nine rabid dogs. Why? Just because, that's why.
Oil on canvas. Each square 6cm x 6cm. Click to enlarge.

Independent dog

I Didn't have to think of a title for this one.
It was a brief from a well known educational publisher. I have taken out the characters walking their dog in the background, as I considered them superfluous.
Despite the final image size being not much bigger than a postage stamp, they still took some convincing that a picnic scene in the park, depicting sandwiches, drinks, and chicken drumsticks, was impractical and unnecessary.

Intuitive Delivery

One of fourteen recently completed strip illustrations for the United States Department of Health, through Pittsburgh agency Smith Brothers. The images will support an ad campaign offering advice and guidance to couples and single people. The project was commissioned by art director Shuhuei Lee and Paul Hampson drew them in charcoal and watercolour - not a pixel in sight.

In Disguise

Idiot Dog

19 June 2009

Improbable Dancer

One of a series of drawings from my new website which will be appearing soon...

Iguana Dog

I firmly believe such experiments should be actively encouraged.
The award for best hybrid at Crufts would be worth seeing.
Word has it that breeders have already begun work involving elephants and birds.

17 June 2009

Indolent Dragoon

Welcome to the I-D blog, a showcase for new work by members of Illustrators Direct, one of the UK's most illustrious illustrators' collectives. Image titles may very well consist of two words beginning with the letters "I" and "D"....but then again, maybe not.
This drawing is by Ellis Nadler.