16 December 2009

Inaccurate Description

Picked up my brush and watercolours again- (what are they)? to draw this little image. Makes a change from staring at the Mac all day. Thanks for looking. Paul

05 October 2009

Improved Destroyer

My contact in the Admiralty is terribly excited about the successful sea trials of the new Erik Satie weapon.
Pen and ink with watercolour 21cm x 14cm. Click to enlarge.

28 September 2009

16 September 2009

Impressive Discord

The strays around here don't half make a racket.
Just realised this drawing contains a cat, a rat and a hat. Drawn by a prat.

Illustrators Directive

Duty calls! Anyone not making the effort will be shot.

12 September 2009

Improbable design

Job for Macmillan. Apparently such a device was invented in the 50's...hmmm.
Not sure it looked like this though.

19 August 2009

Inept Decorator

Sorry to see Alan's ducks knocked off their perch so quickly and I too feel a bit guilty of grabbing pole position. I'm sure this won't last long however. Paul

16 August 2009

14 August 2009

30 July 2009

Idiots Dancing

You need to drink lots of beer to do this traditional English dance. Another one from Paul Hampson

26 July 2009

Incoherent damson

Vector illustration.
First in a series of idiot damson pieces. be prepared, I'm jammin'

22 July 2009

Impractical Device #16

In a futile attempt, to eradicate the gratuitous use of sarcasm in the public sector, the government routinely subjected its employees to hours of interrogation, whilst attached to the irony detector.

Indolent Dog